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Tea With Lavender Extract To Relax The Nerve System

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Quick Overview
✅ Works to relax muscles 
✅ Prevent the formation of gases
✅ Gives strength and freshness to skin
✅ Turkish product
✅ 100% Natural
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Because lavender is known as a plant with a pleasant aroma use this tea to relax your body and nerves
Benefits and Product Specifications:
⭕️ Works to relax muscles and nerves and remove muscle spasms
⭕️ Gives strength and freshness to skin and body and gives it a nice aromatic aroma
⭕️ Helps to stimulate urine and prevent the formation of gases
⭕️ Maintain the health of the kidneys and protect the body from the risk of kidney failure
⭕️ Helps build bone and strengthens bone tissue, which protects the body from rheumatism 
⭕️ Relieves the symptoms of liver failure and hepatitis C and B
⭕️ It treats sleeping disorders as it prevents insomnia
⭕️ Treats flatulence and is used to treat colic
⭕️ Treats migraines, relieves depression and improves mood
⭕️ Helps cure colds, relaxes airways, lowers heat, relieves coughs and relieves asthma symptoms
⭕️ It gives a beautiful and refreshing smell to the mouth as it kills the bacteria 
⭕️ Prevents fungal infections
⭕️ Reduces the appearance of acne and eczema, cleanses wounds,
⭕️ Prevents inflammation and swelling
⭕️ Increases sexual strength and stimulates sexual desire
⭕️ It works to restore the health of your hair and gives it shine and attractive length
⭕️ Turkish product
⭕️ 100% Natural
❗️ It is not recommended to drink it by the pregnant and the ones who are nursing
❗️ Not recommended to  be used by those under the age of 18 years
How to use:
✔️ Put a bag in a boiled water
✔️ Leave for 10 minutes
✔️ Drink
✔️ If you want to sweeten the tea you can add a little honey
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