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Skin Care Cream For Acnes

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✅ Suitable for men and women 
✅ Removes flaws and acne
✅ 100% Natural
✅ Made in Turkey 
✅ Cash on delivery 
✅ Free delivery 
Wish for a glowing healthy looking skin with no acne!!
Now you can get rid of acnes and have flawless skin with the fastest way
⭕️ Natural herbs extracts that treat all kinds of acne problems at all ages
⭕️ Gives a clear healthy looking skin and removes flaws and acne
⭕️ 100% Turkish and it is one of the bestselling products in Turkey
⭕️ It is 100% natural, safe to use, proved with no side effects
⭕️ Suitable for both men and women
⚫️ Chamomile oil and lemon oil which are essential for drying oils within fat acne spam and treat skin flaws and scars caused by acne
 ⚫️ Lavender oil, juniper oil and rosemary oil that are known for their efficiency in treating chronic skin inflammations
Direction to use:
✔️ Wash face with special medical soap and water then apply cream and wash it next morning
Size: 50 ML
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