How can I track my order ?
Dear agent,
You can track your order by placing the shipment number in the customs box , then choose "Track", here you will get status for your shipment plus aramex phone no. regarding your country

How can I contact the carrier company of my order ?
You can contact aramex by phone no. or by e-mail

Who are the carrier partners of GesmkVIP ?
we traet with only one company to deliver Gesmk VIP shipments which is Aramex company

I’ve been waiting longer than your delivery promised, what should I do ?
please note that Aramex send an SMS clarifying the shipment number and the local office phone from the first day we send the shipment from our stores to Aramex , in order to ensure the connection for the customer , in anticipation that Aramex could not contact him\her , in this case you should register and place a new order and track it to make sure to be delivered.

What if the item I received is damaged on delivery ?
We have a supporting team considered about customers issues, complains, and any comment from the customer, you can contact them

I don't want to receive my order, what should I do ?
Sorry, we can't cancelled the order yet it sent to aramex company

Why am I paying shipping charges ?
Kindly, note that we don't have any customs fees in case customer refused to receive the shipment