Skin Renewal Cream With Snail Extract

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✅ Cures skin and rebuilds it
✅ Contains 30 SPF
✅ Maintain the HP balance
✅ Lighten the skin tone 
✅ Natural 100%
✅ Turkish product
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Do you have a tired and exhausted skin?? Do you suffer from scars acne and freckles?
We brought the perfect solution for all your skin problems, here is the Snail Extract Skin Care Cream
⭕️ It has many herbal extracts that are known in curing acne, scars, and discoloration
⭕️ Contains Snail extract that is known for it miraculous ability in curing skin and rebuilding it
⭕️ Does not has any chemical materials licensed by the Ministry of Industry and halal 100%, Holds ISO quality certificates
⭕️ Contains 30 SPF which prevents the discoloration and spots, it also prevents the harmful sun rays to get inside the skin in order to protect the skin from skin cancer
⭕️ Many beauty centers in America use snails as a treatment method to cure all the skin problems and the results was miraculous
⭕️ Maintain the HP balance
⭕️ Lighten the skin tone and prevents the formation of acne, freckles and brown spots
⭕️ Maintain the skin's elasticity to prevent skin aging
⭕️ Can be used on any part of the body that has a skin problem
⭕️ Contains many vitamins and herbal extracts that are useful for renewing the skin
⭕️ Natural 100% with no side effects
⭕️ Turkish product
Components of the product:
⬛️ Snail extract
⬛️ Many vitamins
⬛️ Herbal extracts
⬛️ Watercress
⬛️ Chestnut
⬛️ Chamomile
How to use:
✔️ Massage into skin till it is absorbed 
✔️ Apply it every morning and evening 
✔️ It can be used as sun cream
Size: 100 ml
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