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Quamtrax Nutrition L-Carnitine For Weight Loss

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Quick Overview
✅ Burns fat quickly 
✅ Improves recovery processes after training
✅ Used by athletes
✅ Orange flavored
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Want to lose weight fast???
We provide to you this Worldwide L-Carnitine for fasten your Weight loss process...
⭕️ It is used by athletes in its stages of definition or to increase its performance in endurance sports
⭕️ Improves recovery processes after training
⭕️ Facilitates the transport of nutrients to muscle cells
⭕️ Increase endurance during physical activity
⭕️ It favors the transport and the burning of fats
⭕️ It is essential for the production of energy by the metabolism of fats
⭕️ Its liquid form speeds up its absorption
⭕️ Contains of delicious flavors
⭕️ Orange flavored
⭕️ It contains 20 vials, 25ml for each
How it works:
✔️ Carnitine may encourage weight loss by increasing muscle mass. Increased muscle mass results in an increase in your metabolic rate, which means you will burn more calories throughout the day
⚫️ Energy (Kcal.): 12.28 Kcal
⚫️ Protein: 2.82 g
⚫️ Carbohydrate: 0 g
⚫️ Fat: 0 g
⚫️ L-carnitine: 3000 mg
⚫️ Preservative: 10 mg
⚫️ Sweetener: 2.4 mg
⬛️ Water
⬛️ L-Carnitine
⬛️ Preservative
⬛️ Sweetener (Sucralose)
How to use:
✔️ Take 1 ampoule 30 minutes before exercise
❗️❗️ Notes:
❌ The recommended amount of consumption should not be exceeded
❌ Should not be consumed as a substitute for a balanced diet
❌ If you have any health problems or questions you should consult a physician or nutritionist
❌ Store cool and dry! Keep out of reach of children
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