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Pearl Powder Facial Cream For Moisturizing and Anti-Aging

Pearl Powder Facial Cream For Moisturizing and Anti-Aging
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Quick Overview
✅ Nourishes, hydrates, and treats your skin
✅ The main ingredient is pearl powder
✅ Smoothes the skin
✅ Made in Spain
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Do you have mixed of oily skin?
Are you looking for extra nourishment and softness?
This Spanish facial cream will help your skin to get what it needs!!
⭕️ Nourishes, hydrates, treats and reliably protects your skin
⭕️ The main ingredient of this unique cream is the pearl powder, which has been used for its skin-friendly effects since ancient times
⭕️ Effective effect on the skin cell metabolism and stimulates the natural defenses of the skin
⭕️ Smoothes the skin returns it to natural elasticity and rejuvenates it overall
⭕️ Contains natural ingredients, does not contain parabens, allergens, mineral oils or other loadable or irritating substances and the product was not tested in animals
⭕️ Light consistency of the cream is well applied and easily absorbed into the skin, it does not leave a greasy film on the skin and does not clog the skin pores
⭕️ Suitable for mixed to oily skin effectively pulls down the pores to prevent excessive skin  scratching
⭕️ Gives the skin a natural matt look
⭕️ Visibly slows down all signs of skin aging, such as wrinkling, skin flaking or uneven pigmentation
⭕️ The skin acts anti-inflammatory and regenerative, reliably heals small ranks and scars that are caused by rashes, inflammation or acne
⭕️ It contains vitamins A, E, and F, which are often used in cosmetics as a curing and beautifying ingredient
⭕️ The cream has the ability to restore the shine and tone of the skin, smoothes wrinkles and irregularities on the skin, removes toxins
⭕️ It has a medium protection sunscreen SPF 15
⭕️ It has 17 types of amino acids, large amounts of active calcium and trace elements such as Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Selenium, Strontium and Titanium.
Directions for use:
✔️ Apply to clean and dry skin of the face and neck or apply to serum, preferably from the same line. 
✔️ For better absorption, gently massage with circular movements.
✔️ Apply morning or even night care.
Keep out of reach of children. keep away from light and heat
*Made in Spain*
Size: 50 Ml
Cash on Delivery
Free Delivery
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