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Organic Bee Venom Cream For Skin Regenerating

Organic Bee Venom Cream For Skin Regenerating
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Quick Overview
✅ Helps collagen to form
✅ Stimulates cell metabolism  
✅ Softens and moisturizes the face
✅ Perfect for all skin types
✅ Organic cream
✅ Made in Spain
✅ Cash on delivery
✅ Free delivery
Watch out world!! The beam is shining really bright!!
Shine like a star and let your beauty stands out with "Diet Esthetic Organic Bee Venom Cream"
⭕️ This organic cream contains beeswax, as well as other ingredients extracted from the hive
⭕️ It is perfect for all skin types such as mature, sensitive or oily skins
⭕️ This daily care with propolis extract hydrates and stimulates the cells and regenerates and deeply nourishes the skin
⭕️ Specially formulated to tackle a variety of skin issues, such as dryness, sensitivity, dehydration, signs of aging, and lack of firmness
⭕️ Helps collagen to form, which in turn helps skin to become suppler
⭕️ The hero ingredient of this rich cream is its bee venom essence. It contains mellitine which helps with vasodilation in the skin
⭕️ Softens and moisturizes the face
⭕️ Day & night treatment, Stimulates cell metabolism  
⭕️ Full of vitamins and amino acids
⭕️ It contains nourishing and non-irritating beeswax and is free from mineral oil, paraben, dyes or perfume
⭕️ Removes toxins from the skin and delivers trace elements
⭕️ Antioxidant and anti-aging
❗ Not tested on animal
❗ Mineral oil free, paraben free, dyes and perfume free, allergens free
❗ Completely organic
❗ Dermatologically tested
✔ Apply to clean and dry skin of the face and neck, or apply to serum. 
✔ For better absorption, gently massage with circular movements.
Brand: Diet Esthetic
Size: 50 Ml
*Made in Spain*
Cash on delivery
Free delivery
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