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Herbal Tea For Treating Atherosclerosis and Osteoporosis

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✅ Heals atherosclerosis and osteoporosis
✅Helps in reducing nails problems
✅ Raises the percentage of calcium
✅ Strengthens the digestive system
✅ Natural 100%
✅ Made in Turkey
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As we get older the risk of suffering from atherosclerosis and osteoporosis is getting higher.
Stop aging with herbal tea treatment that can heal you from these diseases and also protect your body
Product's benefits and specifications:
⭕️ High percentage of silicon in this plant helps strengthen and thicken the bones
⭕️ Raises the percentage of calcium in the body which prevents bone breaking
⭕️ High percentage of minerals helps in reducing nails problems such as breaking
⭕️ Helps in strengthening joints and cartilages and reduces rheumatism pains because of the silica
⭕️ Fastens the healing of wounds and cuts because of the retractor tissue
⭕️ It Has elements that help cleaning the body and blood in urine  
⭕️ It has the ability to stop the internal bleeding because it has elements that help coagulation
⭕️ Strengthens the digestive system and increases body resistance
⭕️ Cleans the kidneys and helps to dissolve stones that form in kidneys and gallstones
⭕️ Helps to lose weight because it gives the feeling of no apatite
⭕️ It helps in reducing chronic cough and expectorant because of herbs that calm the lungs
⭕️ It is diuretic which prevents water storage in the body and heals urinary tract infection
⭕️ It feeds and protects the hair because of the silica in horsetail weed
⭕️ Enriches the hair, cure dandruff, and hair loss
⭕️ Useful in treating tonsillitis
⭕️ Good for stomach diseases like ulcers
⭕️ Treats throat disturbances, gum bleeds and tonsillitis which can be used as a mouthwash for 1-3 minutes
⭕️ Natural 100%
⭕️ Made in Turkey
❗️ Reduces vitamin B1 and potassium levels in the body
❗️ Causes consumption in small children because of small amounts of nicotine,
❌ Not recommended for pregnant women and in lactating women
❌ Not recommended for use without doctor supervision for those who have diseases (such as heart or kidney disease and diabetes)
❗️ Very high doses intake can cause poisoning
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