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Antioxidant Essence Diamond Luxury Cream

Antioxidant Essence Diamond Luxury Cream
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Quick Overview
✅ It has 10 effects on the skin
✅ Ideal for all skin types
✅ Rare ingredient and a rich natural composition
✅ Contains 0.05 carat of diamond
✅ Soothes itchy skin 
✅ Made in Spain
✅ Cash on delivery
✅ Free delivery
The world’s most luxurious treatment, until now only available to Hollywood stars, will provide a special glow to your face and neck
⭕️ It has 10 effects on the skin, Antioxidant action, Helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, Refines pores, Unifies the tone and makes the skin glow, Softens, Nourishes, Revitalizes, Regenerates, hydrates in depth, Cleans roughness and toxins, and Protects against UVA-UVB radiation (Low protection SPF6)
⭕️ Ideal for all skin types including mature skin as a foundation cream during the day and as a treatment at night
⭕️ Rare ingredient and a rich natural composition gives you a gentle, glowing, pure and naturally youthful complexion
⭕️ This unique cream contains 0.05 carat of diamond
⭕️ Perfectly combines the tone of your skin, effectively pulls up the enlarged pores and provides skin with deep nutrition and hydration
⭕️ The smooth texture of the cream is applied well and absorbs quickly into the skin
⭕️ It contains high vitamin argan oil that promotes cell renewal and skin regeneration
⭕️ Soothes itchy skin and acts anti-inflammatory
⭕️ Protects the skin from external harmful effects and contains a protective sunlight factor
⭕️ It is very rich in vitamin E - linoleic acid and unsaturated fatty acids has a strong regenerative and soothing effects
⭕️ The Skin Diamond Cream contains avocado and rosehip oil with a large number of vitamins that strengthen the skin's defenses, moisturize and soothe the skin
⭕️ Cleansing Shea butter rejuvenates and hydrates the skin thoroughly
⭕️ Extracts from Aloe Vera cactus leaves give this cream a unique soothing, moisturizing and protective effect
⭕️ Plants used in this serum are grown on special organic farms where they are not chemically fertilized or treated
⭕️ Reduces wrinkles and fine lines protects the skin from premature aging
⭕️ Adds moisture, suppleness, softness and strengthens its defenses
Directions for use:
✔️ Apply daily to face and neck morning and night on a clean and dry skin.
✔️ Spread with soft circular massages to promote better penetration of the cream
⬛️ Not tested on animals
⬛️ Mineral oils and paraben free
Brand: Diet-Esthetic
Weight: 160 grams
Size: 50 Ml
*Made in Spain*
Cash on delivery
Free delivery
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