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Anti-Aging Argan Set

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Quick Overview
✅ Loaded with vitamin E
✅ Reduces the appearance of large pores
✅ Anti-oxidant
✅ Regenerates skin cells
✅ Natural 100%
✅ Turkish Product
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Suffering from wrinkles and fine lines?
Here we introduce you the best product for fighting aging marks
⭕️ Regenerates skin cells and gives the skin freshness and vitality
⭕️ Nourishes the skin to the deepest layers of the skin
⭕️ Anti-oxidant, so it protects the skin from impurities and external factors
⭕️ It gives the skin elasticity, health, and youth as it works to resist signs of aging and reduce the appearance of fine lines
⭕️ Works on purifying skin that has been exposed to burns from the sun
⭕️ Reduces the appearance of large pores
⭕️ Loaded with vitamin E
⭕️ Suitable for all skin types
⭕️ It can be used by pregnant to prevent cracking
⭕️ Natural 100%
⭕️ Turkish Product
How to use oil?
⬛️ Clean the skin up to the neck
⬛️ Put the oil on the palm of your hands
⬛️ Massage your face and neck with gentle movements
⬛️ Put before bed
⬛️ Preferably to be placed three times a week
How to use the cream?
⬛️ Massage a small amount of it on the targeted area
⬛️ Put it in the morning and in the evening
Cream + Oil
Water, rose oil, glycerin, citric acid, argan oil, linoleic acid
Oil size: 30 ml
Cream size: 50 ml

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