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Aloe Vera Essence Moisturizing Gel

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Quick Overview
✅ Features a clear gel
✅ Cures acne, dark circles, and nourishes the skin
✅ Acts like a deep moisturizer
✅ Made in Spain
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Treat your skin with the best natural product.
Having flawless skin is now easy as a piece of cake!!
⭕️ Suitable for oily and problematic skin
⭕️ Great for injured or irritated skin, gentle and sensitive skin
⭕️ It has cooling and calming effect on the skin that's why it is great to apply after sunburn 
⭕️ Designed for use for or after laser procedures, and epilation
⭕️ Cures acne, dark circles, and nourishes the skin
⭕️ Features a clear gel
⭕️ Acts like a deep moisturizer and it also fights aging
⭕️ Reduces the appearance of stretch marks
⭕️ Can be used as a face gel and facial mask
⭕️ It can also be used for a hair mask; it is believed to help with dandruff and it also softens the hair
⭕️ Proven soothing and treating effect
⭕️ 100% natural
Instructions for use:
✔️ Apply at any time of the day with light massage movements until fully absorbed
✔️ As a mask, apply a generous amount on the face and neck without rubbing it, leave for 15-20 minutes, and then lightly massage to penetrate well
Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel, Glycerin, Fragrance
❗ Does not contain parabens, allergens and mineral oils
❗ For external use
❗ Keep away from light and heat
❗ Not tested on animals
❗ Keep out of reach of children
Size: 250 Ml
*Made in Spain*

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