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Active Drops To Treat Constipation

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Quick Overview
✅Simple and easy to use
✅Protect you from hemorrhoids
✅Cures constipation that is caused by appendicitis
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The best way to treat constipation without laxatives
End the dilemma from stomach-ache and constipation!
Benefits and features:
⭕️ Cures constipation that is caused by appendicitis or intestinal obstruction
⭕️ Helps in the relaxation of the digestive system and reducing heartburn, indigestion, and gases
⭕️ Consists of herbal ingredients that help to solve the problems of swelling and constipation
⭕️ Simple and easy to use
⭕️ Works to protect you from hemorrhoids
⭕️ Prevents gastric acid leakage into the esophagus resulting from heartburn
⭕️ Reduces intestinal pain and colon
What does this product consist of?
Cardamom, thyme, anise, chamomile, artichoke, lemon, black bean, fennel, dill, and mint
❗️ Note: Cannot be used by pregnant, breastfeeding and who is under 15 years old
How to use this product:
✔️ Put three drops in 200-300 ml of water or juice, then drink after eating
Size: 30 Ml
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