Unisex Hair Removal Spray Set

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✅ Removes hair in the most painless way ever
✅ Slows hair growth gradually 
✅ It's the quickest, easiest and most effective hair removal way
✅ Made in Turkey
✅ 100% Natural
Git rid of the unwanted hair in one touch and in just seconds! 
The KNOWN TURKISH set that removes hair and adds beauty to your skin!!


⭕ Quickest, easiest and most effective way to remove unwanted hair
⭕ Leaves the skin silky for weeks
⭕ For men and women
⭕ Cause no pain, harm
⭕ No expensive cost
⭕ It is gentle on skin
⭕ Reduces the appearance of the unwanted hair and prevents it growth gradually
⭕ No side effects
⭕ 100% natural
⭕ Made in Turkey 
How to use:
✔ Spray it on a dry skin
✔ Wait for 4-5 minutes 
✔ Wash the area with water
NOTE: The hair won't grow up till 25 days later or even more after the hair grows you can redo the process again
❌ The product should be tested on a small area at first if any allergic reaction appeared you should NOT use this product
❌ This product should NOT be used by pregnant women and whose age is less than 12 years old
❌ This product should NOT be used on these body parts (face, burns, wounds, rash, acne, head, vagina and testicles)
⬛️ This product's size is: 100 ml * 3 Bottles
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