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Denivit Anti-Stain Professional Whitening Toothpaste

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Quick Overview
✅ Removes stains and discoloration
✅ Intense Stain Removal
✅ Recommended for smokers, coffee, and tea drinkers
✅ Natural 100%
✅ Made in the USA
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Suffering from yellow teeth? Did smoking cause you stains?
Here is the revolutionary solution, white teeth, and appealing smile by only brushing your teeth !!
⭕️ Removes stains and discoloration caused by food, beverages, and tobacco
⭕️ It is especially recommended for smokers, coffee, tea and red wine drinkers and anyone who wants whiter teeth
⭕️ Protects from cavities due to its fluoride content, helping to prevent daily plaque build-up
⭕️ Intense Stain Removal
⭕️ Daily brushing with Denivit will noticeably reduce the appearance of stains and will restore your teeth's natural whiteness
⭕️ Clinically tested
⭕️ Hard on stains, gentle on teeth
⭕️ For daily use
⭕️ Natural 100%
⭕️ Made in the USA
Directions for use:
✔️ For most efficient results brush with Denivit at least twice a day for  2-3 minutes each time
✔️ Your toothbrush should be changed regularly
Size: 50 Ml

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